Evolution Fightwear est. 2001

February 2001 saw the first Gracie Jiu JItsu Academy opening in the UK. Dedicated to BJJ and MMA the East London/Essex Academy was opened with the direct involvement of Andy Smith, the founder and MD of Evolution Fightwear.

Andy Smith was the first to import and stock brands such as Tapout, Chute Boxer, Hunter, Vitamins and Minerals, and Cyclone to name but a few, by doing so helping to launch MMA in the UK. Realising early on the need for a UK brand, Evolution Fightwear was born. The first sponsored event was the Gracie European Invitational, and the first professional fighter to wear Evolution fightwear was Royce Gracie.

Evolution has been at the forefront of introducing MMA to the UK, and as a fighting brand is known the world over. Our clothing has been worn by MMA fighters and Champions such as Anderson Silva, Mark Weir, Paul Jenkins, Dan Hardy, James Thompson, Brad Picket, Che Mills, Ross Pointon, Paul Taylor, and Jeff Lawson – check some of them out on our press page.

“In every species there is a natural selection, where only the fittest, strongest, and fastest survive”.

Evolution Fightwear est. 2001

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